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10 Powerful Lines From Manifest’s God MC Track

Music lovers in Ghana are pointing out that a new rap song by M.anifest is a jab at Sarkodie, especially, and other rappers who claim to the best in the business.



The music enthusiasts analysed some lines in the track on Twitter and other social media platforms:

1.  “What’s a king to a god MC?”
M.anifest’s chorus is said to be a direct attack on Sarkodie who calls himself King Sark and has proclaimed himself the King of Ghana rap.

2. “Clash of the titans, I had dinner with Medusa”

This, according to analysts, is a response to Sarkodie’s Clash Of The Titans song which is said to be a diss to M.anifest. M.anifest mocks the song, saying he had dinner with Medusa.

3.  “Them dey claim pure gold, but them be copper, don’t compare a name dropper to a show stopper, like me”

This is said to be another jab at Sarkodie and other rappers who claim to be the best. M.aniftest also proclaims himself the best rapper.

4. “You wanna be king, get your ass in line”

This is said to be another assault on Sarkodie.

5. “Call the fashion police, they can make an arrest, these boys copying the west, looking a mess, it’s retarded”

Here M.anifest is said to have gone after the likes of Pappy Kojo and Joey B.

6. “Even my nonfa back then had sense in it”

This is said to be a jab at rapper’s whose lyrics rhyme but hardly make sense.

7. “Ghanaians are still concerned about diplomas and awards”

Here M.anifest is said to hit out hard at rappers who fight among themselves after award shows.

8. “When the boss is around, who can you boss around”

He is said to proclaim himself the boss of GH rap.

9. “Don’t get intoxicated by these drunkards”

The line is said to admonish fans not to carried away by the claims of some rappers who say they are the best.

10. “I just chock it, laughing hard to their tears in a bucket”

M.anifest says he enjoys laughing at such rappers.

Listen to the song below:

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