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12 funny Ghanaian expressions and what they actually mean

Ghana remains one of the interesting countries in the world aside Nigeria whenever the expression of the English language is concerned. Speaking the English language is no big deal in Ghana as it only has to do with your ability to make your listener understand what you are actually saying! Not to say that the best English expression is not important but come to think of it, who cares of a refined English expression when all that matters is speaking to the level of your friends and family? Enjoy these popular English expressions proudly made in Ghana!

1. Dash me some

This expression which actually means ”can you kindly share so and so with me” is often heard among primary pupils and even university students.

2. Home use

Do not be taken aback whenever you hear this expression, it simply means a product being sold in the market which is already used; secondhand is the best name or it.

3. I’m going to barber my hair

Arrrggghhhh!!! And when you finish, seamstress your dress as well!

4. Can you borrow me (some money)?

Oh please, it is lend me and not borrow me!

5. One mother, one father

This expression is used to prove that someone is the biological son or daughter of their parents

7. Petrol shell

This is what we call an innocent filling station.

8. It will short

That is to say that it will reduce till it’s not enough anymore.

9. From today onward going

This is to mean ‘from now onwards’.

10. On the light

What the Ghanaian means to say is; switch on the light!

11. It will not reach

As in, “The money will not reach.” Where at all is the money going? Eeenh! This English too will not reach. The right expression should be; It is not sufficient.

12. Flash me

We only mean that you should leave a missed call on our phone as a prompt.

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