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Drug Trafficking – Africa In Focus

The first edition of the “Africa in Focus” show for the year, on award-winning Radio XYZ93.1fm, has ended with a call for there to be more African-driven solutions to African problems on migration; and drug policy reform.

Speaking to host, E.K.Bensah jr, Juana Akuamoah Boateng — member of the West Africa Drug Policy Network (WADPN) — gave listeners a background to the drug reform policy in Ghana, calling for Africa to develop a holistic voice in New York at the UN General Assembly Special Session(UNGASS). It will offer an opportunity for the continent to formulate its own plan on how to tackle drug reform as a health issue instead of a law-enforcement one. Mz.Akuamoah Boateng offered activity highlights, including training of journalists that took place in the latter part of 2015. She invited people with drug problems to contact Radio XYZ to get through to the host  and his colleague members of the Network.

As a follow-up to last week, the show revisited the topic of migration this week, and spoke to youth activist Azeez Gomda. In Gomda’s view, the youth often decide to migrate because they have few options left. He believes even as ECOWAS and the African Union have dedicated policies on migration, as explained by E.K.Bensah, they must act on their policies instead of leaving it to donors that offer paltry sums to combat the scourge. Gomda expressed his disappointment at some of the donor-led conferences on migration that were held in 2015, and believes the sum of two million that was offered is small, reinforcing the need for African solutions for African problems.

The show also reprised the issue of the African Governance Architecture, which is an AU platform populated by democratic-promoting institutions, such as the Africa Peer Review Mechanism; and Pan-African Parliament, which are mandated to promote good governance and strengthen democracy in Africa, in addition to translating the objectives of the legal and policy pronouncements in the AU Shared Values.”

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