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3 Parties Complain Of Defacing Of Posters

Three political parties in the Navrongo Central Constituency in the Upper East Region have lodged complaints with the police in the area over what they described as the defacing and destruction of their parties’ posters, flags and banners.

ComplaintsThe NPP’s Navrongo Central Constituency Chairman, Mr William Aduum, told radioxyzonline that prior to the recent visit of the party’s flag bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,  to the region they realised that three different kinds of the party’s posters showing only the flag bearer, the second one being those of the Navrongo Central Constituency parliamentary candidate, Mr Kofi Adda, and the third showing both the flag bearer and Mr Adda, in addition to miniature NPP flags, had all been removed.

He said those posters and flags were put at vantage points around the mission junction and the Kandiga Junction area within the Navrongo town.

He explained that he lodged a complaint with the police and had to organise to replace the posters and flags.

The NDC’s Navrongo Central Constituency Chairman, Alhaji Baba Alhassan, for his part, said he could not readily give the number of posters and banners that had been destroyed but stated that the party would support the police to do its work.

“If we get hold of anyone, we would just arrest that person and hand him over to the police for the law to take its own course,” Alhaji Alhassan stressed.

The PNC’s Navrongo Central parliamentary candidate, Mr Joseph Weguri, said about 500 of his posters had been destroyed. He said he had lodged a complaint with the police to investigate the matter.

He alleged that because some of “my political detractors felt uncomfortable with my candidature” they have decided to destroy my posters.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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