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7 Best Ways To Surprise Your Man

Relationships get stale at times and the constant repetition of “I love you” can get boring.

A lot of women after getting into a relationship go to sleep. Their lives with their partners become routines and starts getting unexciting. This leads to the men, looking at other places for excitement. This is true whether we love to hear it or not.

Many will tell you they don’t know how to excite their men but the truth is that you don’t need a fortune to surprise your man, neither do you need a degree to do it. You just have to do very simple things to surprise him.

Surprising your man ensures that your name is locked into his heart for a long time if not forever.

Below are 7 ways to surprise your man.

1. Throw Him A Dinner Party

For no reason, in particular, throw him a dinner party and invite his friends and favorite people, to celebrate with him. These could be in-laws, colleagues at work, hang out buddies and just anyone who’ll love to celebrate with him.

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2. Sneak A Sexy Note Into His Pocket As He Goes To Work

As he prepares for work, sneak a sexy little note into his pocket or a place he won’t miss. Just tell him how good he looks that morning and how you can’t wait for him to come back home into your arms. This will get his heart racing throughout the day in anticipation of what awaits him at home that night.

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3. Just Touch Him When You’re Alone

Men love to be touched, it’s gratifying than even sex to them. Forget all the myths that men love sex more than anything, sometimes, all they need is a little touch from that special lady. So whiles you’re sitting with him in the sofa or laying in bed, just reach out and stroke him. You can do this whiles talking to him and looking straight into his eyes.

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities

Photo: Ray Styles/Pencilled Celebrities


4. Surprise Him With A Date For A Household Chore

Men hate household chores like doing the dishes, shopping for groceries, sweeping etc. so why not surprise him with a treat like a night out to the movies, dinner or an event he loves after he does any of these. You can imagine the change of emotions from disdain to excitement once you announce his reward package for doing the task.

Photo: Poka Arts

Photo: Poka Arts


5. Request A Song For Him On Radio

This will need planning to execute successfully since he’ll have to be listening at that particular time and your call should be picked at that time too by the station. Since you know his favorite radio station and his favorite programme, you can pull a few strings and have the presenter give him shout outs and play his favorite song for him. This will really get him excited and have your name in his heart.



6. Create A Video Of His Favorite Photos And A Song For Him

There’s nothing more that touches a man’s heart than those little things. You don’t need to be a video editor or graphic designer for this. Just get together a couple of his favorite pictures and then a song he really loves or a song that clearly conveys your message, then create a slide show of his photos with the background song and save as a video for him. With Whatsapp now, you can send this video to him at work and we bet he’ll be super excited.

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7.  Give Him A Private Show

Men pay to go watch other girls at strip clubs. They are moved by what they see so why not bring the strip club to the house by giving him a private show in the comfort of your room. You don’t need to be a professional for this, just buy those little clothes, get some fishnet stockings, some lacy panty and a hot heel and you’re there. Just excite him with your body and moves. This shouldn’t be done always but once a while to get him wanting more and for him to yearn for it.

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