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A-Plus : If Nduom Must Be President, So Should Despite

Controversial Ghanaian musician, A-Plus has said the ability to successfully run businesses does not make one a good material for president.

According to A-Plus, if the Progressive People’s Party’s (PPP) Presidential candidate, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom insists he should be made president because he has put up numerous companies and created jobs, then Osei Kwame Despite of the Despite Group of Companies and other individuals who have numerous companies should be made presidents of Ghana, too.

In an interview, A-Plus said: “The presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party is not somebody I know, I have never worked closely with him and I do not know the kind of president he’ll be. I’m talking about who I know, but if the PPP can sell their candidate to me and let all Ghanaians know that this man stands for this, this is who he will be…all that we know is he has opened a lot of companies, but does that make him a good president? Then let’s make Despite and Sikkens and all the people who have plenty companies president.”

“As to being president, they have not showed him to me so I can’t just go in for anybody for now; I am going in for somebody I know. I am very sure that somebody knows Papa Kwesi Nduom and wants him and there is nothing wrong with that; that is the person’s choice.”

A-Plus is known for his political songs criticizing both the New Patriotic Party and the NDC.He has been in the news lately for his new song titled ‘Abɛn Bɛ Bom, slamming the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as corrupt ahead of the 2016 election.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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