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Abeiku Expresses His Joy Over President’s Promise

The President, in his support to The Arts Industry, has promised support for ageing Artistes at the highlights reading of his Manifesto. According to him, The Ministry Of  Tourism, will set up A Provident Fund, that will provide support to Veterans monthly.

This, he said, will reduce the level of poverty, among the Veterans, when they retire.

This has generated a lot of mixed feelings, from parties concerned. Some Industry Players, both the aged and the young, have expressed their delight and expectancy in seeing it come to birth.

Others, have also questioned the feasibility of this promise.

Veteran Actor, Abeiku Sagoe, who declared his intention to contest the Presidency Of Ghana Actors Guild, has also expressed his joy over the promise President Mahama made. Abeiku, who hopes to put in place an effective Welfare System, which will cater for the needs of the members, if elected, said, the news is the best any political party has given, concerning The Arts and Entertainment Industry.

He added that, the support will be beneficial to both the old and young people ,in The Industry.

Abeiku, who spoke to Radio XYZ Entertainment News, said “I believe this is the best news that anyone in The Industry will like to hear, especially the ageing Artistes, including the young too, and as saying goes goes the young shall grow.”

He continued to say “I believe any artiste who hears the news and those who listened to The Presidents Manifesto highlight will be delighted”

Applauding the government, he added that, it was the first ever from any Head Of State or Government. Many are expectant, as they wish to know the details of this promise, come Saturday, when The President finally launches his anifesto.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Daavi Esi

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