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Aboabo: Alsunnah, Tijaniyyah Islamic sects in bloody clash

The Alsunnah and Tijaniyyah Islamic sects in Aboabo No. 2 in the Ashanti Region have clashed in a bloody conflict.

Machete-wielding youth of both sects attacked each other following a brawl on Facebook.

XYZ News’ regional correspondent, Owaohene Addai Munukumu, reported that two people sustained scathing machete wounds in the religious conflict. Cars were also vandalised in the conflict.

According to him, the two sects had been taunting each other on social media but things got to a head on Thursday evening when one person from the Tijaniyyah sect was attacked by some youth from the Alsunnah sect. A subsequent misunderstanding between the youths from the two groups led to the clash.

According to XYZ News sources in the area, there have been long-standing tensions between the two sects. Preachers of both sects are said to be in disagreement with each other whenever they mount the podium to address their followers.

Thursday’s incident was triggered after youths from the two sects denigrated leaders of the rival sects on Facebook. One of the boys from the Tijaniyyah sect was beaten up by a group from the other sect after the Facebook exchanges.

The development did not go down well with the victim’s group, who poured onto the streets wielding cutlasses and vandalising two vehicles, one of which belonged to Sheik Anas Tawfiq, an Imam of Darrul-Hadis Mosque with the Alsunnah sect.

Mohammed Rashid, who sustained a deep cutlass wound in the hand, narrated: “I came from school and saw a crowd. I did not know what was actually going on. We were in the process of separating the guys and some came from behind and cut me. I sustained deep cuts on my hand, unfortunately. I will just call on the security to restore order in the area. They were throwing stones alright and I saw someone using a cutlass on another person until the victim fell to the ground and got injured.”

Police officers from the Airport District Command moved in to maintain order and peace in the area.

Some youth from the Tijaniyyah sect warned they would resist any Alsunnah attack on their members and leaders.

Meanwhile, Sheik Anas Twafiq, whose vehicle was vandalised, has called on his congregation to remain calm as the leaders of the sects dialogue to resolve the issue.

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