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Adjaho: Don’t drag my name into chieftaincy disputes

The Speaker of Parliament Edward Doe Adjaho has warned chiefs in the Volta region to desist from dragging his name into chieftaincy disputes in the area.

The caution comes on the back of claims by Torgbi Dorgla Anumah, Friaga of the Avenor Tradtional Area, that the Speaker is “illicitly behind the elevation of Torgbui Samlafo IV to a paramount status”.

The chief further stressed “…We are amazed by this story and cannot believe it to be true as Avenor State is solidly behind him (Adjaho) to rise to his present status which we are proud of. It will be greatly appreciated if he would come clean on this episode”.

However, a statement signed by the Assistant Clerk of Parliament Ebenezer Ahumah Djietror to clarify the matter noted “the Speaker finds the above allegations offensive, objectionable, false and without any merit. Throughout his distinguished public life, the Speaker has played absolutely no role – either privately or publicly – in deciding who gets enstooled or elevated as chief anywhere in Ghana”.

It added: “By this statement, the speaker is asking the various sides to this matter to stop dragging his name and office into these chieftaincy matters”.

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