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Allow Nana Addo To Work With The Law – Percy Opata Tells Concerned Ga-Adangme Youth

A Tema-based political and community development group has requested the indigenous Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth to enumerate any positive developmental contributions they have offered their region, Greater Accra.

The Tema group–Tema Residents In Development (TRID)–said it wondered why the ‘contracted’ Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth had demonstrated severe political bias towards governments of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The latest sour move the Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth had shown, TRID said, was their call on President Akufo-Addo to ensure that he appointed only indigenes of the Greater Accra Region to head all the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).

This, TRID described, was an irresponsible tribal politics the Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth had resurrected in the new NPP government, after exhibiting a similar conduct on the first NPP government with John Kufuor as president.

Addressing a section of the press to fix their conduct, Percy Opata, Communications Director of TRID, said the Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth should stop their primitive approach and means of getting political portfolios in this NPP government.

Adding that the approach was unhealthy for national development and cohesion, Mr. Opata referred to a press conference the ‘anti-NPP government’ group held on January 17, 2017, where it stated, among other things, that appointing only Ga-Adangme descents to head the MMDAs was the trend in the last National Democratic Congress (NDC) administrations of the late President John Mills and President John Mahama.

Percy Opata said the leader of the group, Nii Yaafio Tetteh I, indicated their readiness to demonstrate should their call be ignored to create awareness that they were not pushovers.

But schooling, Mr. Opata said the Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth ought to abreast themselves with the contents of Article 35(5) of the Constitution of Ghana, which prohibits discrimination and prejudice on the grounds of ethnic origin and actively promote the integration of the people of Ghana.

Thus saying the youth group demonstrated gross ignorance with their divisive call, Mr. Opata cited how the late President Mills and President Mahama adhered to Article 35(5) by appointing Kempes Ofosuware, an Akyem from the Eastern Region, to head the Tema Metropolis and Ibrahim Baidoo, a northerner, to head the Ashaiman Municipality.

“And so for the Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth to say it was making it clear to the Nana Addo, and the NPP that, it would not agree to arrangement where a non-Ga-Adangme was handed the MMDA position was unhealthy for national development and national cohesion.

“It was shameful to hear their leader say further, at their press conference, that their land will not countenance the reverse of their demand to the new NPP government,” Percy Opata noted.

Percy Opata educated the Ga-Adangme Concerned Youth to be abreast with the various developments in the Greater Accra Region, which he said were not achieved through tribal politics.

In order for him to realise his vision for Ghana, Percy Opata urged President Akufo-Addo to stay focus and appoint people with proven track record, loyal and selfless individuals who share in his government’s vision, irrespective of the appointees’ tribe or ethnic group.

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah.


  1. The Gadangme lands have been compulsorily taken over by Ghana governments since Kwame Nkrumahs CPP government in 1957 for publis purposes But now most of the lands are in the hands of private individuals, government officials and private companies.What is the justistfication in that. Why have the Gadangme landowners not consulted on the tranfer or the change of use. How long can the Gadangme people to be treated as fools..do you expect them to keep quite and say nothing when they are gradually being dispossessed of their homelands. What does one expect their future to be ?

  2. In the Gold mining areas, about 10% of Ground Rent is paid to their Traditional Councils providing them homes,educational scholarships for the youth, as well as the availability of loans.But the Gadangme people have none of these benefits or income.Their only economic resource is their land with no natural resources.So how or where can they get the financial resource or support to pay for their childrens education.

  3. There have been numerous calls and appeals, including KUFFOUR’S GOVERNMENT. About the unlawful acqusition of Gadangme. PRIME LANDS.and that includes GOVERNMENT BUNGALOWS. Some of these PRIME LANDS are now in the hands of PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and PRIVATE COMPANIES without the Consultation of the Gadangme owners FROM WHOM THE LANDS WERE ACQUIRED ,in the first place

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