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Angry GBC Workers Lock Out 3 Directors; Asks NMC To Disolve Board

Workers of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) have given a one-week ultimatum to the National Media Commission (NMC) for the dissolution of the board of the corporation.

They have also called for all workers who were employed by the embattled board and paid through GBC’s internally generated funds (IGF) to leave the corporation with immediate effect.

Lock out

Last Friday the workers of the state broadcaster embarked on an internal demonstration clad in red and sang protest songs. In the process they locked up the offices of three top management members and chased them out.

They were the acting acting Director of Finance, Rev Ebenezer Botchway, Director of Human Resource John Korasare and Director of Corporate Affairs, Mamle Asare.

The acting Director of Finance was at work on Friday but reportedly left the premises before the commotion. The Director of Human Resource on his part did not show up at work.

The Director of Corporate Affairs was however in her office around midday when the workers forced her out and locked up the office.

Last Friday’s incident followed a similar one some months ago against the board members of GBC with whom the workers have been on a collision course for some time now.

The Richard Kwame Asante led board has been accused by the workers of violating employment procedures by approving recruitment of directors without clearance from the Ministry of Finance, a situation the workers claim has led to the persons being paid from the corporation’s internally generated funds to the detriment of procuring equipment for the corporation.

Atmosphere at GBC on Monday

When radioxyzonline visited the corporation Monday, it was observed that red bands had been tied to the gate at the main entrance and the office of the local chapter of the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Embossed on the red band at the entrance of the corporation was the inscription “NMC Act Now to Save GBC from this Killer Board.”

Some of the workers, some of whom were from other regions, could be spotted in red attires while business at the corporation went on normally.

Leadership of local TUC

The leadership of the local TUC told radioxyzonline that the body would not relent in its effort to ensure that the board was dissolved and all “illegal workers removed so that the right thing will be done for GBC to come back to its feet.”

A source at the local TUC leadership at  GBC further stated that the appointments of some top executives of the corporation without clearance amounted to an illegality, adding that the act had drained their IGF.

“The last straw that broke the camel’s neck is that for sometimes now, it is the Controller and Accountant Genera’s Department (CAGD) that appoints finance managers for GBC. But, this particular board sacked the appointee from the CAGD and appointed their own person.

“We think this act is not in good taste and that is why we have renewed our call for the dissolution of the board because the IGF is not even enough and cannot be expended anyhow. Go to the studios and see how bad the place is,” the source added.

Way forward

At the time radioxyzonline left the GBC around 1:20 pm, the local TUC leadership and some of the corporation’s management members were getting ready for a meeting to discuss the way forward.

But there were clues that the brouhaha that occurred last Friday would be discussed at the meeting, while further meetings would be held with the staff to solidify their stance on getting the board dissolved.


In February this year, workers of the GBC raised red flags against the board members, citing mismanagement of the corporation and recruitment of some workers through the backdoor.

They accused the board of appointing some management members to micro manage GBC, a situation that did not create a conducive atmosphere for the growth of the corporation.

The local TUC and the workers have since then appealed to the Ministry of Communication and the National Media Commission (NMC) to intervene.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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