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Ashaiman Jubilate Over Nana Addo’s Victory

Ashaiman, an NDC endemic area, witnessed scores of NPP supporters in a sporadic and a jubilant mood soon after the EC Boss Madam Charlotte Osei, had declared the leader of the Opposition New Patriotic Party’s Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo, as President Elect of the republic of Ghana.

According to some of the teeming supporters, the victory is a much anticipated one hence their over excitement, cannot be expressed any form better than what they are doing.

Amidst the tooting of horns, dancing and the display of moto bicycles to the admiration of many, some of the supporters said, inspite of their over joyful mood, they limited themselves to the dictate of the law.

This they believe will not warrant any needless misunderstanding between them and those in the other political divide.

They added that, even though their Parliamentary Candidate Alhaji Labaran Yacubu Barry, failed to wrestle the seat from the NDC, they are enthused about the votes that the New Patriotic Party polled.

Gaging the ecstatic mood within the Ashaiman municipality, XYZ News’ Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah, report that, although the supporters were expectant of Nana Addo’s victory, they least expected that, President Mahama was going to concede defeat.

According to them, their doubts was stemed from the firm believe exhibited by the galant supporters of the National Democratic Congress of equally winning the elections, with a charismatic show of counter press conferences inspite of projections that sought to put their candidate Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo- Addo in a comfortable lead.

In an interview with one of the supporters who gave his name as Muhammed Gado, said, the wind of change kept resonating essentially, with the youth hence he was not perturbed with the communist inferior tactics adopted by the NDC to retire their candidate politically.

He stressed that, Nana Addo’s appreciation of votes across all the two hundred and seventy five constituencies as against President Mahama’s depreciation of votes, is an indication of NDC’s ill-performance in their 8years of government.

Adding that, the cladding of NDC supporters in all white apparel was pointing to the fact that, The Greater Accra Regional Executive of the NDC, was trying to subvert the will of Ghanaians in connivance with The Electoral Commission.

Moving further he said, complecency and greed waded through the entire campaigning of the National Democrtic Congress with impunity and later caused them the elections. The exhubrant New Patriotic Party supporter, argued that, the NDC will remain in opposition for sixteen years.

According to him Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party is set to implement good economic policies, that will trickle down to affect the livelihood of every Ghanaian and subsequently, cause the NDC’s stay in opposition for much longer time.

He commeded President Mahama’s excellent show of exemplary leadership by way of conceding defeat, to consolidate Ghana’s believe in democracy to the admiration of the International Communities.

The much anticipated euphoria that engulfed the entire municipality, run deep into the night devoid of clashes and mayhem.
Source: radioxyzonline.com/Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah.

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