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Audi Launches special Edition with Built-in Rice Cooker

Manufacturers these days are careful to tailor their global cars to specific markets by offering unique kit and options. The latest example of this is the built-in rice cooking system that can now be specified on Audi A8 models sold in Japan; it hasn’t been confirmed, but we expect the option to also be made available in China later this year.


It’s obviously an integral part in holding up Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” motto…

If you get an A8 with this deeply desirable option selected, then it will undoubtedly keep its second hand value for longer. It’s probably the single most desirable option you could have in your A8.

I mean who wouldn’t want integrated and “innovated gourmet food technology in a sophisticated style?”

However, they also need a proper steamer put in there too, in order to also have fish or seafood with your rice…

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