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Ayirebi : Nduom Challenges Electorate Not To Waste Vote As PPP Pulls Biggest Crowd At Ofoase

Ghanaians cannot continue to waste their votes on the wrong candidates, the 2016 presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has reinforced.

Officially endorsing Mr John Obiri Yeboah as the PPP parliamentary candidate for the Ofoase-Ayirebi Constituency at a campaign launch last Friday, the flag bearer of the PPP charged the Ghanaian electorate to vote for candidates who had the proven track record to improve the living standards of the people.

Biggest crowd

The PPP pulled one of the biggest crowds at Ofoase-Ayirebi, a constituency dominated by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

It was as if the party was holding another National Convention at a different location. The entire party machinery headed by the flag bearer, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom; his wife, Mrs Yvonne Nduom; his running mate Ms Brigitte Dzogbenuku; the National Chairman, Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond; National Secretary, Mutala Mohammed; National Youth Coordinator; Divine Nkrumah; Berlinda Bulley, Second National Vice Chairperson, Kofi Asamoah-Siaw, National Policy Advisor, among other national officers descended on that constituency.

Chiefs and queenmothers, comprising the Queenmother of Akim Ayirebi, Obaahemaa Nana Adomah, Akokoaso Hemaa, Nana Adjeiwaa Okodie, Adwafo Hemaa, Nana Alice Korang, Adwobue Hemaa, Nana Kyei Afiriyie and other chiefs and queenmothers of Akyemansa were all in attendance. Pastors and imams were also included.

Party supporters from nearby villages thronged the Ofoase town to throw their weight behind the PPP parliamentary candidate, Mr Obiri Yeboah.

The entire town was submerged in the red and white colours of the PPP. For close to four hours that the rally lasted, there was a virtual halt of vehicular movement.

PPP most cohesive 

According to the presidential hopeful, the PPP was the most cohesive political organisation ready to capture power in the December election.

Consequently, he called on Ghanaians to vote for him and the PPP in the election, claiming that the country would be better placed if the PPP was given the nod to rule.

Concerning the teeming unemployed youth, the veteran politician encouraged them not to lose hope.

He urged them to have confidence in the PPP, saying: “We have the youth of this country at heart and we will help them secure their future.”

Dr Nduom hinted that the PPP would start a vigorous campaign in August, during which the party would propagate its 10-point agenda to Ghanaians.

10-point agenda 

He said the PPP would place premium on vigorous policy-driven issues in the party’s 2016 campaign devoid of personality attacks, to spur it to victory.

In view of that, he said, the party’s 10-point agenda covered all sectors which would address the various concerns and needs of the Ghanaian when given the mandate.

They included creating a just and disciplined society, enhancing industrialisation and development, strengthening the arms of government, provision of quality and affordable education for every Ghanaian child and the provision of better health care and a cleaner environment.

He reiterated his commitment to fight corruption to the very core in order to rake in a lot of money for the nation.

Talent to deliver 

Dr Nduom also used the opportunity to challenge Ghanaians to vote for him, since he was talented and competent enough to manage the economy of the nation, as well as create jobs for the teeming youth.

“I use this opportunity to call on all the youth to make the right choices and decisions which will affect their lives positively,” he charged.

He said he was not a talker but ensured that he always delivered, adding that he had been working tirelessly to ensure that there were jobs for the youth.

“I’m not a professional politician who says anything and struggles for votes. Rather, I work consciously to create jobs in order to build the nation in the long run,” he added.

Political campaigns 

He explained that the party was alive and working to win votes and called on followers not to foment confusion but continue to work for its victory, come November 2016.

Even though Dr Nduom acknowledged that the party recently launched a door-to-door campaign, he said it intended to officially launch a national campaign between August and September.

Additionally, he indicated that the party had elected its parliamentary candidates and other executives, indicating that it was fully prepared for this year’s election.

“The PPP is ready to capture power constitutionally come this November,” he stated.

 Ofoase PPP candidate

Mr Yeboah described himself as the local boy who had lived the harsh conditions of the constituency and thus knows all the challenges that confront the people, thereby making him the most suited to represent the people in Parliament.

Explaining his decision to contest as MP for the constituency to the people, he said: “The solution to all the problems in this constituency is that we need to elect someone who has lived the problems of the Ofoase-Ayirebi people. As I stand before you I fetched firewood with you, I laboured on your farms for livelihood, so if you need someone to come solve your problems, there is none qualified than myself,” he boldly proclaimed.

He recalled how the NPP and its leadership within the constituency twisted his arms and stole victory from him leading to him finally finding peace within the PPP.

Our future

“We were born and bred here, we lived with you, so we shouldn’t allow someone we don’t know [to] come and determine our future for us; we must seize the opportunity to help elect John Obiri Yeboah and Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom to effectively change lives as we are already doing even without your mandate to lead”.

Four factories for Ofoase-Ayirebi

While others are now pledging to build a factory in every district, John Obiri Yeboah pledged to facilitate the provision of massive employment for the youth when elected by the people to become their MP.

He charged the people to vote massively for Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom and himself since they were the two people who have the proven track record of creating jobs for them.

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ files from graphic

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