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Ban On Pair Trawling In Ghana- Ministry Of Fisheries And Aquaculture Development

The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD), said it has not lincensed or renewed the lincence of any Fishing Trawler to engage in pair trawling in Ghanaian waters, since 1st January 2009.

According to The Ministry, Regulation 11 (1d) of the Fisheries Regulations, 2010 (L.I. 1968) prohibits any person to engage in pair trawling in the fishery waters of Ghana.

Responding to question posed by The MP for Efutu, Alezander Afenyo Markins, on what steps The Ministry is taking to prevent pair trailing in the territorial waters of Ghana, The Sector Minister, Sherry Ayitey, stated that, any person that contravenes Regulation 11 (1d) commits an offence and is liable on summary more than 2 Million US Dollars.

“The ministry wishes to assure the General Public, Fisheries Association, Fishermen And Stakeholders that The Ministry has put measures in place to ensure that pair trawling does not take place in Ghanaian waters”.

According to her, The Fisheries Enforcement Unit (FEU) Of The Ministry, has fitted all fishing trawlers with Vessel Monitoring Device (VMS) at Tema. The VMS enables the Fisheries Enforcement Unit, to monitor the activities of all fishing trawlers at sea.

The fitting of The Vessel Monitoring Device, on a fishing trawler is a condition for licensing or renewal of fishing license of a fishing trawler, The Minister added. Section 76 (2n) of the fisheries Act, 2002 (Act 625) empowers The Ministry, to suspend or cancel the fishing licence of any fishing trawler whose Vessel Monitoring Device, fails to work.

In addition, Regulation 45 of the Fisheries (Amendment) Regulations, 2015 (L.I. 2217) requires that, the master of a fishing trawler notifies The Ministry and the Commission immediately if The Vessel Monitoring Device became malfunctioning.


Source:radioxyzonline.com/Francis Edzorna Mensah


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