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Bani : Ghana Is Safe; 1,800 ‘Illicit’ Weapons Registered

Interior Minister, Prosper Bani has declared Ghana safe after a successful registration of almost 1,800 illicit weapons across the country.

A little fewer than 1.1 million illicit weapons in the hands of civilians remain unregistered in Ghana after the Interior Ministry’s weapons amnesty.

Mr. Bani, however, warned that anyone found to have possession of any of those weapons will be arrested and dealt with according to the law.

“Today I can say that citizens of this country are safer by way of having 1,796 weapons being registered and re-registered it means that the Security agencies have a record of these legal fire arms in circulation in this country.

“If the Security agencies after this amnesty finds any weapon in the possession of any individual or citizen not registered or re-registered, the individual will face the full rigorous of the law,” he said.

Following the end of the weapons amnesty window, only about 1,800 of the 1.1 million unregistered weapons were turned in voluntarily by their civilian owners for registration and formalization.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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