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Blame Dr. Edward Mahama’s Disqualification On Bernard Mornah-David Apasera

A Former PNC Member Of Parliament for Bolga in The Upper East Region, David Apasera, said, the continuous reign in office of their National Chairman, Bernard Monarh, is inimical to the electoral fortunes of The People’s National Convention.

According to him, the expulsion of their Flag-bearer, Dr. Edward Nasegre Mahama, can wholly be blamed on The Party’s National Chairman, due to what he described asthe unseriousness and lazy approach adopted byThe National Executive of The Party, including The National Chairman, in handling The Presidential Form of their Flag-bearer, which eventually, led to the disqualification of Dr. Edward Nesegre Mahama.

He argued that, The PNC, has been on The Presidential Ballot since the start of constitutional rule, and further questioned why The PNC, cannot properly fill the form this time round.

Addressing a News Conference in Accra, he said, the action was carefully planned to get The PNC detached from The Presidential Ballot to enable The National Chairman Bernard Monarh, and his cohort divert party funds and properties being donated to The Party, for their personal use.

Advancing his argument, he said, PNC cannot boast of a single branded vehicle within Accra and its environs, to announce its presence to the electorate as we inch closer to the December polls.

Touching on his struck-out to contest The Parliamentary seat in Bolgatanga East of The Upper East Region, on the ticket of The PNC, he said, The National Chairman deliberately took his name out from the list of names that, The Party has penciled down to pay for.

He added that, although he met the entire need requirement, The National Chairman failed to inform him of The Party’s inability to pay for his filing fee to enable him contest and subsequently represent The Party and his constituents.

The two time Parliamentarian on the ticket of The PNC, called for the removal of his National Chairman to forestall any machinations that will thwart the electoral fortunes of The People’s National Convention.

The discontented PNC Member And Former Member Of Parliament, David Apasera, added that, the conduct of his National Chairman Bernard Mornah, is geared towards working for the interest of other political party.

Delving deeper, he bemoaned the number of PNC Parliamentary Aspirants as woefully inadequate. He stressed that, The PNC’s sixty two Parliamentary Candidates across board is despicable hence Mr. Mornah, should have done better by getting candidates to represent The PNC in all the two hundred and seventy five Constituencies.

Efforts to reach The PNC National Chairman Mr. Bernard Mornah, for his response, yielded no result.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah.

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