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BNI releases Nana Addo’s bodyguard, photographer

The personal photographer and private bodyguard of the flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo have been released by the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI).

Sources within the party has confirm this to XYZ News.

On Tuesday the two were detained because according to the party, they refused to fill “Personality profile” forms at the Bureau.

The office of the NPP flagbearer later in a statement confirmed the detention.

The pair had accompanied Captain Edmond Koda to the BNI on Tuesday, to retrieve some items they collected from his residence some weeks ago.

A search was carried out at Capt. Koda’s residence following his engagement with the three South African nationals accused of breaching the country’s laws while they were offering security training to the security detail of the NPP Presidential Candidate.

The pair, Kwadwo Kyeremeh and Malik Neequaye, were said to have acted as witnesses at the time the BNI took custody of the items from Captain Koda and had to be present at the time of the release.

But the BNI insisted the pair must fill the “Personality Profile” forms, despite an explicit advice from their lawyers not to do so.

Captain Koda’s earlier detention

Captain Koda was implicated in the arrest of the three South African ex-Police officers who were arrested for allegedly training private security personnel of the NPP Presidential Candidate.

He was controversially re-arrested on the day charges against him had been dropped.

The 69-year old retired Captain of the Ghana Armed Forces, was held by the BNI for five days for his alleged role in the invitation of the three ex-police officers amidst claims from his lawyers he was treated unfairly and his rights abused.

He was eventually released on health grounds after he reportedly took ill in BNI custody.

Public bashing of the BNI’s activities has heightened in recent times with many accusing the security agencies of acting arbitrarily. Below is a statement from Nana Akufo-Addo’s office on the detention of the two.

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