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Bodyguards not errand boys – Police caution flagbearers

Presidential candidates for the 2016 elections have been warned against using policemen assigned to them as errand boys.

The Ghana Police Service said it will not countenance such behaviour and will withdraw its men once its attention is drawn to it.

“It will not be nice for us to see any presidential candidate use the policeman as if he is a servant in the house or go to the mall and then the policeman will be carrying the basket and the politician will be dropping stuffs in it,” the Director of Operations for the police service, Chief Superintendent Dr. Benjamin Agordzo said during a meeting with political parties in Accra.

He added: “Those are issues that we would want to state unequivocally that we will withdraw our people as soon as we have this information and we have evidence to that effect.

“Personal activities and other things should not be part of his [Police officer’s] business. And they must be provided with decent meals so far as they stay with you. When you travel out of the region, it is your responsibility to provide them with accommodation and meals and they will be subject to police rules and regulations even as they are with you and we are observing them very well. Remember that they are always on camera and therefore when they are captured in uncompromising situations and other things and we will withdraw them, we will have evidence to that effect.”

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) has promised all flagbearers that the Service will provide them with a police guard each as part of moves to beef up their security ahead of the November 7 polls.

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