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Both Husband And Wife Must Submit

The 3 Institutions And Principles Of Marriage.

Woman today 2A marriage counselor and …………….. Rev. Daq Roberts has stressed that submission in marriage, takes nothing from you. It is not only the role of the woman or wife to submit, but the husband also. When you love your wife, submission comes naturally he added.

Assisting your wife in carrying out the house chores does not and will not make one less of a man.

We know the right things to do, but society has made it very difficult for us to do those things, he said. As a nation, we need to address our core value and beliefs, deal with those and accept the truth that some of these values might indeed be flawed.

The marriage bed must be kept undefiled, each husband must love his wife and understand her and the wife also submit to her husband and respect him.

They must ensure that they submit to one another as explained above by Reverend and these are the most important principles of marriage.

He further explained the three institutions of marriage. Which are the family, the church and the civil society .

Each are supposed to ensure that at every level, they ensure togetherness and carry out the necessary checks, offer their support and ensure that they prepare the individuals preparing for marriage for marriage and not the wedding as mostly is done.

An example of a bad advice given by the family institution is telling the daughter given out for marriage is to come back home if things were hard… this is very wrong Reverend said. Also demanding things from the man who decides to marry your daughter as though she were being sold is a practice that needs to be addressed by the family.

If government upholds and protects the sanctity of marriage, then as a nation, we are heading in the right direction. If families are together in joy ad utmost fulfillment, then many tasks of the government as a result of failed families and broken homes will end, and those resources can be channeled into developing the nation.

Rev. Daq Roberts concluded his discussion by saying if the things we have known over the years are not helping us, then let us change our ways and uphold and restore the sanctity of marriage.

He spoke to Madam Getrude Opare-Addo on “Woman Today” on Radio XYZ.

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Source: Radioxyzonline.com/Hilda Ayeh- Ntow

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