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Botwe: ‘Robbery attack was near-death experience’

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Okere, Dan Botwe, who was robbed at his Tema residence around 1am Friday May 6, has described the experience as a horrifying period which brought him close to death along with his wife and children.

Even though he escaped unscathed, the robbers, numbering three, stole his mobile phones, laptop and some amount of money as well as some jewellery and other possessions from his wife.

Two suspects have been picked up by the Community 18 District Police Command including one of the MP’s security personnel as they launch investigations into the incident.

Narrating the incident to newsmen, he said: “I heard some noise and opened my eyes and saw about three people holding pistols on us, me and my wife and demanding things. They asked if I had a gun and I said no. They started ransacking the whole place…took my wife’s jewellery and some other things.”

To him, “It was a near-death experience and I was praying and consoling my wife as one of the armed men held a gun to us in our bedroom. They pointed some places that they thought they could find money. It was frightening and I was not sure what was happening to my kids so I wanted them to get satisfied with the money so that they will not harm the kids. They also went to them and took all their phones and some additional money.”

Within the 45 minutes that Mr Botwe said he was held hostage, “two [of the robbers] will go out and come back in, but they made sure that there was always one person in the room”.

“We were just praying and trying not to do anything that will make them harm anyone. You know this people, they normally do these things under the influence of something and if you make [the] least thing they will shoot. So, I tried to control my wife and made sure we did not do anything that will provoke them,” he recounted.

He stated: “The security said they were overpowered by the people [robbers] that they pointed guns at them and I am sure the police will be able to unravel [the circumstances]. I had fortified security, changed all the locks on the doors and added additional security and we are still in the process of improving security in my house here and in the constituency.

“Fortunately, they could not enter my daughter’s room, so she was able to call close family relatives who called the police.”

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