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Boy, 11, incites friend to poison grandmother

An eleven (11) year-old boy has incited his friend 10, to poison his grandfather to death after they stole tubers of yam from his farm in Assin Anhwiasu, a village in Assin Fosu in the Central Region.

The Assemblyman for the area Thomas Owusu who disclosed this to Adom News said the children, who feared of being beaten by the grandmother decided to take his life so he cannot discover their crime.

The grandfather was said to have sent the two boys to his room to bring a soup he prepared after a long journey.

But the 11 year-old boy forced his friend to poison the food so that his grandmother will die and not know the crime they have committed which he obeyed.

Mr Owusu said the 10 year-old boy fearing for the life of his grandfather cautioned his grandfather when dinner was almost served that it contained poison.

The caution which did not go down well for the grandfather reported the issue to the chief and elders of the town.

The Assemblyman said since the children are too young the issue has been transferred to DOVSU to take charge of the matter.

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