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Bright Appiah: Justice For Children Policy Launched

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, in its quest to make the new system more relevant, for a sustainable Nation, has launched The Justice For Children’s Policy. The Executive Director Of Child Right International, Mr. Bright Appiah, speaking on Radio XYZ Breakfast Show, with Kwaku Vander-Pallen said, The Policy, seeks to close the gap between the formal and committed way of delivering justice on child issues.

He stated that, the response of The Community and The Formal System on issues of justice for children is some of the gaps The Policy, will close. It is set to take part of the responsibilities from The Community, The Police and also The Court when it comes to child justice.

According to research, children turn out to be hardened criminals after their sentence, even with minor charges. The Policy is set to put the interest of children very high when it comes to justice.

Mr. Bright Appiah appealed to The Institutions, which are The Court and The Police to recognize and apply the provisions of The Policy. The Community should also learn to deal with minor issues, so they won’t end up with The Formal System. This will help build a sustainable Nation. It will also help in fair- trials and the respect for privacy and the dignity of victims, who are children.

He also appealed, to Parliament and The Executives, to ensure that, resources are available for the jurisdiction of The New Policy. State Institutions, should also be committed to the provisions of The Policy. Structures should be put in place, so children who commit offences, are well taken care of. These structures when put in place, will provide a smooth system for the running of the juvenile justice system, for children.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Abigail Dami Narh

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