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British High Commission Urges CSOs To Be Neutral

The British High Commission has urged civil society organisations (CSOs) to be neutral in their operations and avoid being political.

In a statement, the British High Commissioner, Mr Jon Benjamin, also called for free, strong and active CSOs to help them function effectively and contribute positively to the country’s democracy.

“A free, strong and active civil society is a crucial part of any functioning democracy: It asks questions, it convenes, it conducts research and it drives debates-all to inspire thinking and to hold people to account,’’ the statement said.

The statement was in recognition of this year’s International Day of Democracy which is being held today.

The day was designated by the United Nations (UN) to celebrate the positive impact democracy has had on society and how to use it as a tool to propel development and good governance.

This year’s event is on the theme “Space for Civil Society,’’ and it focuses on the crucial role of civil societies organisations (CSO) in today’s global world.

In view of the celebrations, the British High Commission has called on CSOs to be active in country’s democratic dispensation.

Avoid politics

According to Mr Benjamin, in order for CSOs to be effective, they must avoid being politicised.

“Ahead of this elections CSO has a crucial role in holding Electoral management bodies, political parties, the media and other key stakeholders to account,’’ he said.


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