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Capital Bank CEO advises graduates to pursue excellence

The Chief Executive Officer of Capital Bank, Rev Fitzgerald Odonkor, has advised young graduates to refrain from shortcuts in life, but rather pursue their vision thoroughly to achieve excellence.

Speaking on the topic: ‘Excellence in Ministry and Vocation’, Rev Odonkor said: “Anytime someone comes to tell you that there are three steps to success, then you should know that you are jumping into the deep blue sea because even though God could have created the world in half a day, He took six days to create the world and rested on the seventh day. So, God Himself is a worker”.

“Anything, which is valuable in life, you need to work hard for it because there are no shortcuts to excellence. Anytime you get money very quickly without having worked for it, it will go away as quickly as it came”, the astute banker and man of God said at a conference for young graduates and undergraduates on the theme: ‘After school what next?’

Sharing some life experiences, he said certain principles have, over the years, helped him to achieve success. “One of them is the fact that I have always tried to be guided by excellence in whatever I do. I will recommend to you that in whatever you do, you should be guided by excellence. Whatever you do, you must do it onto the Lord. And one of the ways you can achieve excellence is not to do anything halfheartedly but to do it thoroughly.”

He cautioned the youth that there was no ideal set of circumstances for them to operate but individuals must exhibit commitment despite the circumstances they find themselves in, so as to succeed.

Quoting Ephesians 3:12, the CEO of Capital Bank said it was important for one to exhibit excellence in the ministry of God as well as his or her vocation. “It is important for you to identify your call because in this world, whatever you do, people will criticise you. If people are not criticising you, you are probably doing something wrong”.

According to him, challenges make life interesting, saying: “Throughout my adult life, I have had to combine ministry with corporate work and at every stage there have been challenges.”

Rev. Odonkor challenged them to accept change, saying change brings growth. “Whenever there is time for change, you must embrace change because change is a manifestation of growth. If you don’t grow, you will be stagnant and finally you will die and become irrelevant. But we must all be relevant in our lives, in our generations and in our time, so that we will be able to fulfill the call of God upon our lives.”

He again advised young graduates to be mindful of the choices they make in life, adding: “Don’t follow people, follow what God is telling you.”

Rev. Odonkor spearheaded the rebranding of First Capital PlusBank to Capital Bank in December last year and so far this year, the bank has launched the unique savings campaign promotion dubbed, the ‘V-Man’ aimed at encouraging a savings culture by giving free money vouchers to be used as deposits to open accounts. It is also presently deploying state-of-the-art automated teller machines (ATMS) across the country, configured to allow cash deposits, interbank transfers amongst others.

The bank’s vision is to become the local bank of excellence for African markets, providing the standard of measure for stakeholder return.

Source: Capital Bank

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