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Catholic Church in Cape Coast bans ‘provocative dresses’

A Catholic Church in Cape Coast has banned what they call provocative dresses in the church by its members.

The church has posted pictures of unapproved dresses on its premises.

President of the St. John The Baptist Church in the Cape Coast town of Paedu, in the Central region, said some of the dresses are not fit for the church as some of them expose parts of those wearing them.

Andrew Kofi Wofersor, said some church members expose their breast and panties through the dresses they wear which Christianity frowns upon.

He lauded how Muslims cover up so as not to attract men and advised it is better for Christians to dress appropriately to worship.

According to him, such dresses that expose vital body parts of women tempt some ‘weaker members’ and even some of the priests.


“It is not that the dresses are not good, but they are not good for the church. When we stop them from putting them on to church, at a point in time they will even stop wearing them to public places,” Mr. Wofersor said.

He explained that when he assumed office close to two years now, he together with his council of elders realized certain things which were not good about the church so they decided to work on it.

He said in this era of fashion, some people easily get swayed by the “naivety” of what they see others wearing without taking note of where they are going with what they are wearing.

Mr. Wofersor told Joy News’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko that they intend to engage the parents and guardians of those they have observed to be wearing these dresses so they make an impact in terms of how their members dress in public.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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