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Media Admonished To Work Towards Peaceful Election 2016

The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Michael Sampson Oje, has pledged the readiness of the Ghana Armed Forces to defend the country at all times.

Speaking at a press briefing, the CDS said, the Ghana Armed Forces is in the right position to defend every citizen in the country against external attacks. He said, the media and all the Security Services in Ghana, should work hand in hand to maintain peace in the country. Air Marshall Oje admonished the media to verify information before putting it in the public domain.

He charged all to work towards a peaceful election, on November 7. “Let us first of all remember, that no matter our political persuasions, we are one country, and we float or sink together. Let us therefore resolve to collectively do everything that is within our power to keep this ship afloat come November 2016 and beyond. Let all our action be geared towards the execution of yet another peaceful election to the admiration of the whole continent and the world at large.”


The Inspector-General of Police, John Kudalor, also appealed to the media and journalists to avoid being partisan. He said the role of the media in peacekeeping, in the country, is paramount.


“As I know, the media is not to create chaos in society, it is also your duty to ensure not to do anything that will inflame passion or create tension in society you have the enormous responsibility to help put all the institutions of state to put the state together as a unit for socio-economic development.

You must eschew any reportage that will create disturbances in the country.” He advised.

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ Patricia Norvisi Gbologah

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