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Chaos Engulfs KMA PM Elections Again

There were fisticuffs again during the eighth attempt to elect a presiding member for the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly.

However, unlike the free-for-all fight that marred the assembly’s seventh voting attempt some months ago, Tuesday’s brawl was between assembly member for Ayigya Electoral Area Abdullah Muaza and a known serial caller of the governing National Democratic Congress, Yakubu Tony Aidoo.

An enraged Muaza punched Tony Aidoo in the face several times before they could be separated in the heat of the assembly’s fifth sitting.

The blows started flying after Tony Aidoo had allegedly accused the assembly members of being corrupt.

The Assembly has been split in two camps as supporters of both candidates: Nana Kofi Senya and Adumhene Baffuor Agyei Kese IV, have taken entrenched positions to ensure their preferred candidate is elected.

In the four elections conducted so far, none of the candidates could garner the constitutionally mandated two-thirds majority of votes cast.

Class FM’s regional correspondent, Hafiz Tijani, reported on Tuesday that Adumhene Baffuor Agyei Kese IV agreed to step aside. However, Nana Kofi Senya refused to step down despite pleas to that end.

A YES or NO vote is currently underway at the assembly.

Source:  radioxyzonline.com

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