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Chief Dele Momodu: President Mahama Not Disparate for Power

Chief Dele Momodu is a Nigerian Journalist, Publisher, Businessman, Philanthropist, Actor And Motivational Speaker. He is the CEO And Publisher Of Ovation International, A Magazine that has given publicity to people from all over the world, mainly in Africa.

Speaking on The XYZ Breakfast Show with Kwaku Vander-Pallen, He stated that, students and the youth should embrace Peace, during this season as December 7 draws near. During a Talk Show at the University of Ghana, Legon on Monday, he advised the students not to allow politicians to use them for bad reasons. The best thing to do, is to know what the politicians’ dreams are so we can make decisions on our own.

“Politicians are not worth dying for,” he lamented.

He also noted that, Ghanaians and Africa, as a whole, must promote their best interests globally. Ghanaians, should compare and contrast politicians, as citizens. Ghanaians must learn to verify information they hear, before citing crises.


Chief Dele also said that, Ghana has received aggressive development from the Government. The up-grade of The Airport and the infrastructural development including hospitals and roads, in the country, are some examples. He commended the John Mahama-led Government, on the massive infrastructure, they have put in place.

Speaking on the current issue of The Filing Fees by The Electoral Commission (EC), he stressed that, the reason behind the exorbitant fees is to weed out incompetent Aspirants.  The resources can be used to develop the Country instead of financing Politicians.

He advised the disqualified Candidates, who do not agree with The Electoral Commission’s decision to go to Court, if they deem it necessary. The Electoral Commission (EC), is best positioned to explain to Ghanaians what their reasons are.

He further stated that, this year’s election will be a peaceful one, because our Leader and President, John Dramani Mahama is not a desperate man. He advised Ghanaians to remain calm, and allow The Electoral Commission, and The Court, to deal with the current situation.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Abigail Dami Narh.


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