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Chief halts indece parade over land dispute

A scheduled Independence Day parade at Gomoa Buduburam in the Central region came to an abrupt end due to a land dispute between the chief of the area and a headmistress.

The chief, Nana Kojo Essel according to reports, had threatened to disrupt the parade if pupils of Marzak International School participate in the match pass.

This he said, is because the headmistress [name withheld] of the school has shown gross disrespect to the Gomoa traditional authority.

Adom News’ Kofi Agyei who followed the story said, the headmistress took the chief to court for demanding more money after selling her two acres of land.

But the chief denied the claim explaining that, the school had gone beyond its boundary of the two acre land he sold to them thus asked them to pay up for the rest.

However, the headmistress went straight to the police and subsequently to court for redress instead of going to see the chief to resolve the matter amicably.

Her action, Kofi Agyei said has angered the Gomoa Buduburam chief who vowed not to allow the students from the school to match on his land on 6th March, 2016.

Over 100 students from school in the Gomoa East district had lined-up since morning for the parade only to be told it has been called off.

Kofi Agyei stated that, the organizers were left with no other option than to allow the children to match through the principal streets of Gomoa Buduburam to mark the Ghana’s 59th year of independence.

Both teachers and students expressed disappointment in the chief since all the days for rehearsal have been rendered useless.

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