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Chiefs, people of Manya-Jorpanya Celebrate Ngmayem. Call On Political Parties To Promote Peace

A divisional chief of Manya-Jorpanya and Senior Asafoatse of the Shai State, Nene Tei Djahene Korabo IV, has asked politicians to ensure that the ideals of multiparty democracy and associated freedoms are not abused for any reason that could threaten the peace and stability of the country.

“However, I must emphasise that as we strive to pursue our diverse political agenda, we must also bear in mind, the need for peaceful coexistence among the populace in order to engineer a peaceful election come December 7, 2016,” he said.

Nene Korabo IV said this when he addressed the grand durbar of the chiefs and people of Manya-Jorpanya at the annual Ngmayem Festival of the people of the area and the 18th anniversary of his rule as the chief of the area.

The celebration was on the theme, “Promoting Peace and Unity through Culture and Tradition towards Election 2016.”

There was a splendid showcase of indigenous tradition, as the occasion was also used to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the people of the area and their historic experiences that culminated in the celebration of the Ngmayem Festival.

Message for politicians

Nene Korabo IV had a clear message for political party leaders be it at the national, regional or local level that their mandate should be geared towards national cohesion and not division.

“Permit me to emphasise that inasmuch as you have the right to shape the political will of the people, it is also important for us to bear in mind that despite the divergent views on issues of national interest, we are still one people with one destiny,” he advised.

He said it was imperative that irrespective of political differences, Ghanaians ought to strive to promote peace and unity at all cost.

Further to that, Nene Korabo IV urged political parties to refrain from indecent political language and to use their political platforms to educate their followers on the rule of law and respect for human rights.

“Political leaders at all levels, including my colleague traditional rulers, must also refrain from bribery and corruption, discrimination and tribalism, which are also catalysts for electoral conflicts and terrorism,” he cautioned.

Media cautioned

Nene Korabo IV also advised the media to be watchful of their activities during the electoral period and advised against the use of their outlets by politicians to propagate unconstructive criticisms and insults against their opponents.

“Media personnel must also be circumspect about the way they report election results and the happenings at the various polling stations in order not to instigate unnecessary tension among the electorate,” Nene Korabo IV urged.

For the electorate, he asked them to be mindful of the fact that it was their right and also their responsibility to ensure peace and unity throughout the election process.

GBC’s commitment

In a speech read on her behalf, the acting Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Mrs Francisca Ashietey Odunton, urged Ghanaians to work towards peaceful coexistence.

The GBC, she said, as part of efforts to maintain pre and post-election peace, had christened its comprehensive programme of activities for the coverage of the elections as “Ghana Wins Election 2016.”

For the GBC, she said it was not only coverage that was necessary to maintain the peace and stability but a good mix of voter awareness, pro-peace and gender inclusion by which the GBC and Ghanaians, for that matter, would be confident at the end of the day, that would contribute to the nation achieving credible, peaceful, inclusive and transparent elections.


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