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Victoria Natsu: Child Trafficking should be Stopped

Child trafficking is the process of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring a child within a country or outside the country. Threats, Force, Deceit, Cohesion and Abuse of power are some of the means used by these traffickers.

The Director of Domestic Violence and Child Trafficking of the Ministry of Gender Children And Social Protection, Mrs. Victoria Natsu speaking on Radio XYZ Breakfast Show said, poverty and ignorance mainly contribute to child trafficking.

She further stated that, children are trafficked mainly for exploitation and this hinders the fundamental human rights of the children.

Parents who are living in very vulnerable households and ignorant about issues related to trade, business and work are deceived and they agree to sell their children.

They are promised good lives, better education and good business. These children follow them wherever they are taken to. Some parents willingly sell their children.

They don’t even visit them to know how they are faring. All they think about is the money they will receive at the end of the month.

Mrs. Natsu said children who are trafficked result in do odd jobs such as Child Labor, Child Prostitution and Domestic Labor. These kids are denied of their human rights.

Some contract diseases, others tend to hate their parents and some lose their lives. She stated that parents or child traffickers, who are caught, are fined and also spend not less than five years in prison.

She also said that such children who are rescued are first and foremost checked medically to know their health status. Some children become pregnant; others STDs and bruises due to the hardship they went through.

Then they are given some counseling so physiologically, they are groomed to go back home, either to learn a trade or taken back to school.

She however stated that, The Ministry in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration IOM is doing its best to eliminate child trafficking in the Country.

The awareness creation is helping to arrest traffickers and also making it possible for people to make informed choices.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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