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‘Collaborate With Parents, Teachers To Train Children’

The Dean of Students at Valley View University (VVU), Dr Harrison Takyi, has underscored the need for stakeholders involved in the training of children to collaborate with parents and teachers to train children to become responsible citizens.

Dr Takyi stated this at the 20th graduation ceremony of the Labone SDA Church School in Accra. It was on the theme: “Adventist Perspective on Values Education.”

Acquiring knowledge

He added that education was about acquiring knowledge to enlighten the individual to move away from ignorance, including knowing the difference between what is right and wrong, acceptable and what is unacceptable.

According to Dr Takyi, it is necessary for teachers to lead exemplary lives, because the extent of moral power pervading a school will mark the test of its prosperity.  He stressed that, “It is the virtue, intelligence and piety of the people in our schools that matter, not their numbers that should excite us.”

Advice to students

The Chairman of the school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Mr John Sammah, advised the students to focus on their books and also use the Internet for the needed purpose.

According to him, there is still hope for children to exhibit good morals that would help society, especially because churches had not abandoned their role of establishing schools in the country.

The Director of Education for the La Dadekotopon Metro Education Directorate, Mrs Bernice Addai, emphasised how the school curriculum had been designed such that the day-to-day academic programme would support the children to grow into responsible adults.

She urged the authorities to help the children acquire good communication skills by allowing them to speak their local language, stressing that parents who communicate with their children in the English language, but not in their mother tongues, limit the ability of those children to speak early.

About the school and awards

Started in 1984 with few students, the Labone SDA Church School currently has 900 students.

The Overall Best Student (academic) for the 2015/2016 academic year award went to Miss Wendy Sackey, with Miss Doreen Mbrah and Naa Adjeley Anum receiving the Most Disciplined Students Awards.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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