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Curfew imposed on Tafo

A dawn-to-dusk curfew has been imposed on Tafo in the Ashanti region following clashes between a Muslim community and some locals in the area.

The curfew was announced by the Mayor in consultation with the regional police commander.

Four people are feared to have died in the clashes over a cemetery.

The Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank was set ablaze and cars also vandalised in the Wednesday February 10 skirmishes.

XYZ Ashanti regional correspondent Owahene Addai Munukum,, reports that the clashes started after the locals, on the orders of the chief of Old Tafo, pulled down a fence put up by the Muslims, who are laying claim to a portion of the cemetery.

The incensed Muslims armed themselves with cudgels, double-edged machetes, hammers and other crude weapons and launched an attack on the young men, who pulled down the fence.

Apart from the deaths, several others got injured in the conflict. The Police, according to Frank Jackson, appeared helpless in maintaining peace and were rather begging the two sides to stop fighting.

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