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D. Kwasi Aning: Mahama is Right to be Concerned about Security leakage

A Security Analyst of the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Center, Dr.0 kwesi Aning says, the alleged terrorist attack information that was leaked is not a deliberate attempt to cause fear and panic in the country.

Speaking on the XYZ Breakfast Show, Dr Aning said, the seriousness of the leakage is not so much about the content but it actually came from the institution that ought to have been better in tune with protecting the information. The attempt is to sensitise the public about the issue since there was official statement about the possibility or otherwise of an attack.
“This leakage means that, we need to go back and look at our transmission modes so as to know who should have access to what and how it is transmitted securely.

“We will never have 100 percent secured transmission and 100 percent secured protection of information because it is a human institution and therefore we also need to learn from the situation” he said.
According to him, the President has every right to be concerned about the matter because irrespective of how secured the communication is, it was a mistake to have been leaked within such format.

“It important that we do not give wrong information because when you give erroneous information, resources that will be expended may have been useful elsewhere” he advised.

President John Mahama has criticized the National Security apparatus for bringing into the public domain what he calls detailed security intelligence on possible terrorists attack on the country. The alert leaked Wednesday confirmed that terrorists are planning an attack on Ghana to defuse the notion that only francophone countries were susceptible to attacks by terrorists.Portions of the alert read that: “Intelligence gathered by the National Security Council (NSCS), indicates a possible terrorist attack on the country is real.”

Speaking on Koforidua-based radio station during his ‘Accounting to the People Tour,’ President Mahama said it is unfortunate that the internal memo was leaked. He however urged the public to remain calm and not panic.
“Unfortunately, in the signal that went to the regional security councils, whoever wrote it indicated the intelligence that National Security was dealing with and I think that was not necessary. You didn’t need to put the Intel in there, you just needed to send a directive asking for alertness.

“I think that we must deal with this without creating panic amongst our people and that is why the stories we see in the papers today are most unfortunate,” he said

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