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Dangote: We Don’t Evade Tax In Ghana

Dangote Cement Company has stated emphatically that it has never defaulted in its tax payments in Ghana.

The comment comes on the back of reports that the company is not satisfying all tax duties due to the ECOWAS external tariff protocols. The company has embarked on a set the records straight campaign on its operations in Ghana.

Agreements such as the ECOWAS external tariff protocols allow for companies within the bloc to export their products to neighboring countries duty free when they satisfy certain conditions.

The company since this year has been accused by some Cement Manufacturers in Ghana of dealing in some unfair practices. But the Managing Director for Dangote, Mr. Tor Nygard says many petition over their operation have been futile.

“The impressions created are that because of the ECOWAS trade liberalization scheme, we don’t pay any penny on our imports, this is inaccurate. We also do not know of any 30% subsidy we enjoy from Nigeria,” Mr. Nygard told journalist at Tema.

He added: “GHACEM has since 2010 petitioned almost all governmental agencies in Ghana about the safe claim of unfair practices and that we don’t pay approved tariffs. As far back as 2011 the tariff advisory board ruled on this claim.

“At that time we were paying a 5% tax rate for the bulk import, which was what the law says. However with the same accusation of unfair practices our tax rate was increased by 100%. Also we want to have on record that we pay customs levies, VAT and all taxes all due for imports from Nigeria.”

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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