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Databank’s EPACK Is 20 Years

Databank – Ghana’s first investment bank – is celebrating 20 years of its product – EPACK.

The EPACK was established on October 19, 1996 as the first ever mutual fund in Ghana.

Epack is an acronym that represents the names of the first five investors of the Fund, namely: Evelyn Walter-Ofei, Phyllis Clottey, Angelina Ammah, Caroline Awere and Kingsley Bentum, who were all employees of Bank of Ghana.

“With an overriding aim of realizing significant returns on investor’s capital over the long term, Epack was established as an equity mutual fund. To achieve its goal, the fund has over the years employed a pan-African approach to investing by purchasing shares of companies listed on various stock markets across Africa,” a statement from the financial institution said.

From 1996 till date, Epack has helped numerous Ghanaians grow their wealth and has relished many success stories. With a return of more than 26,000% cumulatively as at December 31, 2015, Epack has significantly outperformed The Ghana Stock Exchange, which returned approximately 5,200% over the same period.

Equities are said to be the best-performing asset class in the long term. Investing in a fund like Epack, which has equities as its underlying investment, offers chances that will outperform any other asset class over the long term. For 20 years, Epack has outpaced every other money market, fixed-income, balanced and equity investment in Ghana.

Source:  radioxyzonline.com

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