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Dec Polls: We’ll Show Ghana’s World Class Democracy

President John Dramani Mahama has touted Ghana’s credentials as a leading country in democracy on the continent.

This, he said, will be evident again as the December 7 elections approach for the world to appreciate the level of development of the country’s democracy.

“In December, Ghana has yet another election and we will prove to the world yet again that we are a world class democracy,” he indicated on Wednesday September 21 in a speech at the 71st UN Assembly currently ongoing in New York, USA.

He stated that development on the African continent is progressing at a fast pace, stressing that all African countries were experiencing growth and Ghana was no exception.

He explained that Ghana has enjoyed freedom of speech and individuals are able to express themselves on issues of national interest without intimidation.

“I am proud of my country Ghana. It is part of Africa’s success story and we have not looked back since independence. Ghana has a fiercely independent media and I joke among my colleagues that in Ghana, I have over 27 million presidents each thinking that they know my job more than myself,” he added.

He, however, cautioned powerful nations to desist from forcing their ways on African countries as they push for increased adoption of democracy on the continent, stressing that such conduct was unhealthy.

Source:  radioxyzonline.com

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