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Don’t Be Slave To Bad Food

Sad as it may be, many people frown upon good advice that seeks to prevent them from eating the bad foods that they are used to eating. They sometimes cheat on their diet even in the face of life threatening diseases and conditions.

In a resource limited country like ours, most grown up people today come from background of lack and insufficiency of resources. This affected their food habits when they were younger.

Simply put, most people lacked foods in adequate quantities when they were younger. Now that they are grown ups, have become rich or richer than their parents were; they feel that it is now time to eat what they could not afford in the past.

This is one of the reasons why people find it very difficult to desist from eating bad food. They must eat what they can afford. To some it sounds like an abomination when restricted from certain foods and eating habits.

Who are you to tell such people to stop eating food that their hard cash can buy? Or stop taking expensive alcoholic beverages bought with their own money?

Dieticians may not have the audacity to command that you stop eating bad food, or  may not have the wherewithal to command you from such bad habits, they may not even have what it takes to follow you home to see what you are doing.

What we can only do is advise you not to eat the bad foods. You are the one who will benefit from such advice.

Mind you those who try eating right will testify to the numerous health solutions such a decision gave them. Just give it a try.

Doing the same thing over a long period of time also leads to strong addiction or strong disbelief that there could be other ways of doing that same thing.

The foods you eat all your life will be so difficult to do away with in a twinkle of an eye.

The kinds of food you feed your children are the kinds of food they are very likely to prepare at home when they grow up and live on their own.

Taste sensations are learned and once acquired they are not easy to do away with. That is why people get used to eating one kind of bad, unhealthy or junk food and think that they would be incomplete without those foods.

This does not mean that taste sensations cannot be changed. The best way to deal with this is to just start learning how to eat healthier meals. With time, chances are that one would get used to these foods and be able to eat them all the time.

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The writer is a dietician at Trust Hospital and author of the following books; 1. “Diet, Health & Wellness Book” and 2. “Answers for your diet”. For copies of my books, Contact: Tel- 0244090262, Email- letsconsult@gmail.com, Whatsapp: 0244090262.

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