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Don’t play politics with development; Mr Kweku Ricketts Hagan

The Deputy Minister in charge of industry at the Ministry of Trade, Mr Kweku Ricketts Hagan, has advised Ghanaians not to play politics with development.

Mr Ricketts Hagan said it was time the nation moved away from the situation where every policy of government was criticised so much that projects were described as a burden on the people and not important and necessary.

He said until such an attitude was changed the country would continue to lag behind in infrastructural development.

At an interaction section with journalists and his constituents, Mr Ricketts Hagan, who is also the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South, said even though the government did not detest criticism, it believed that such criticism would be done holistically based on its social and economic values and in the interest of the people.

He called for the support of the people to enable him to push his development agenda though and urged citizens of Cape Coast in the diaspora to lend their support for the development of the area.

At a separate new year event during which he feted the aged and children at the Centre for National Culture and the Jubilee Park respectively, Mr Ricketts Hagan said the welfare of both the aged and children will continue to be his priority.

The Deputy Minister also distributed pieces of cloth and calendars to the aged.

He promised to repair the clinic facility within the Cape Coast Ministries Block to cater for the healthcare needs of the aged and register both the aged and children with the National Health Insurance Scheme free of charge.

He disclosed that he had provided three buses to transport schoolchildren, which had increased basic school enrolment in the constituency.

He called on the youth to care for the aged instead of branding them as witches and wizards.

Mr Ricketts Hagan appealed to his constituents to rally behind the Government and return him and the NDC to power in the November Election in order to enjoy development.

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