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Dr. Kow Entsu-Mensah – Heart Diseases

The heart is the muscular organ of the body that functions as the circulatory pump. It takes in de-oxygenated blood, through the veins, and delivers it to other parts of the body. When the heart is affected with diseases, the body does not function properly. Dr. Kow Entsu – Mensah, A Cardio-thoracic Surgeon, speaking on Radio XYZ Breakfast Show, today, with Kwaku Vander- Pallen, said, The World Heart Day, which is celebrated on the 29th of September every year, is to create awareness on Cardio-vascular Diseases.

He stated that, about 17.5 million people are dying worldwide, from Cardio-vascular Diseases, due to poor sanitation. Cardio-vascular Diseases, will be limited, if The Government provides more resources to fight sanitation problems in The Country. Sanitation And Cardio-vascular Diseases, can be prevented, when appropriate measures are put in place to fight them.

Dr. Kow Entsu-Mensah said, the heart is the power- house of the body. It is responsible for the pumping of blood to all parts of the body. If the heart stops beating prematurely, it is called Cardiac Arrest. Diseases or issues relating to The Heart, are called silent- killers because, most of the time, they don’t show symptoms. Hypertension And Coronary Artery Diseases, are some of the heart issues. Frequent check-ups will help people to know and also prevent such heart problems.

He further noted that, there are some factors that cause heart issues, which can be prevented. High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Smoking, Obesity and Physical inactivity are some examples. The way we eat, and what we eat should be highly considered. Snacks with high calories and sugar, should be avoided. Physical activities, should be undertaken often, to replace the lost energy.

Dr. Kow Entsu- Mensah said, this year’s World Heart Day, themed “Power Your Heart”, is to show The World how important one’s heart is. He advised that, eating and drinking right, will prevent our hearts from diseases. Cold water and meals, can be used as snacks instead of sugary drinks and biscuits. Diabetes is one common cause of heart diseases, and it has to be well-taken care of. Excessive exercise will help burn calories. Smoking must be avoided, so one can live a healthy life.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Abigail Dami Narh

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