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Dr. Kwesi Aning: Sack loudmouths from National Security

A Security Expert at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre, (KAIPC) Dr. Kwesi Aning has said loudmouth National Security Operatives should be sacked from the National Security Service.

According to him, such persons are not fit to work in an all important security establishment where states information is well managed.

There is an increasing worrying development where some National Security officers are quick to disclose their identities under absolutely no compulsion ostensibly to just bragging and showing off.

Others freely flaunt their ID cards in the least of provocations in an act of throwing their weight about and making themselves fearful among the public.

However, Dr. Kwesi Aning stated that such undisciplined and unprofessional conduct is most condemnable and must be checked immediately.

“Such persons are not fit to go near that institution; they cannot do the work. The National Security Coordinators must be swift in sacking them if their conduct is brought to his attention. National security ID cards is not like you driving license or JHS certificate. Someone was sleeping with his wife for 40 years, and the woman didn’t know that her husband was a CIA agent. Over here due to our historical development where people in the security forces did wrongs and had their way, people grown to always let people know who they are.

He added: “This behavior demonstrates the kind of training that we give them… what oath have they sworn to? You dare not go about flaunting your National Security ID cards. You don’t know who plans evil against this country. That person will gradually trap you, and when he gets hold of you, you are likely to divulge all the vital secrets to him which will put the country in great danger.”

Dr. Kwesi Aning noted that this brings to the fore the need to take the security operatives through proper training after they are recruited.

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