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EC to Punish NPP AND NDC

A Deputy Communication Director of The New Patriotic Party, Perry Okudzetor has given reasons for the NPP’s inability in submitting its annual audited report to The Electoral Commission.

According to him, the New Patriotic Party is a human institution hence it is bound to fall short in certain area. Like their inability to meet the deadline set by the Commission. He further discounted the assertion that the New Patriotic Party is throwing about its weight due to its dominance.

Speaking on The XYZ Political Spectrum, he said the EC can go ahead and punish the NPP if indeed The Party has erred in not submitting its annual audited report to The Electoral Commission. Responding to questions, he said the NPP is a financial institution, hence its delay to complying with the EC’s directive.

However, the EC has threatened to de-register any Political Party that fails to submit its annual audit report. Currently The EC has cleared some political parties they are. The Progressive People’s Party, Convention People’s Party and National Democratic Party. The rest are Democratic People’s Party, Great Consolidated People’s Party, Independent People’s Party, and The All People’s Party.

Meanwhile, The National Co-ordinator of The Coalition of Domestic Elections Observers, Albert Arhin, has urged the EC, to crack the whip on Political Parties that have fallen foul of the law. Although he doubted The EC’s capabilities of implementing the laws against the two dominant Political Parties, he envisaged that both parties have had the impetus to continuously disregard The EC’s directive due to their weight.

Mr. Arhin stressed that both parties may decide to disregard The EC’s directives due to the fact that, they are not a business entity. On his part, The Policy Advisor to The Progressive People’s Party, Kofi Asamoah Siaw, queried if the two Political Parties will be punished by the EC.

Speaking to Fred Augustt on The Political Spectrum, he said, private banks and civil society organizations are obliged under the law to render accounts of its spending hence political parties are no exception. Advancing his point, he accused the EC of failing to up its game in pushing Political Parties that do not meet the requirements of The Political Party Law (Act) 547.

Source radioxyzonline.com/Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah

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