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Education With Wrong Focus

The Educational System of Ghana, has gone through many reforms in an attempt to make it better, to meet the developmental challenges of the nation.

But one thing that remains constant in all its efforts is the focus on knowledge acquisition rather than skill and talent development.

The over concentration on knowledge acquisition has destroyed many of our citizens simply because, they have failed an examination, and not because they don’t have any other interest which should have been identified nurtured to their benefit .

Those who failed an examination are demoralized and shame by many because they are assumed to be failures.

Speaking in an interview with radioxyzonline.com, Child Development Expert, Cynthia Quaye, was lost in words and thought about what is happening in our educational system.

She painted a very gloomy picture of the kind of educated elite we are churning out as a nation. She said as much there is an improvement in the early childhood education, there is still more room for improvement.

She said, ‘what is happening is that there is competition among the schools and the children are learning what is far above them.

Children are educated for the purposes of passing examination to the extent of solving examination questions for them to chew and poor’.

She said this mentality has culminated into extra-classes all over the country making the children stressed-out in their studies, eroding the joy and benefit that is associated with learning.

The totality of impacting knowledge to the children is lost.

She said, ‘All is about passing an examination and be classified among the best schools which at the end, does not equip them to contribute meaningfully to society or even lay them a good foundation’.

Cynthia Quaye, however, calls on parents and other stakeholders in the education sector to take a second look, especially on how some schools are run.

She called for the abolition of the extra-classes and a reform to sanitize the education system. She also urged stakeholders to increase their supervision to ensure that the right things are done.

She could not understand why subjects that are meant to an earth talents and skills of the children are rather the ones being gradually faced out.

For the parents, she asked them to take more interest in the activity of the children and interact more with their teachers so that together they would achieve a good result.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/ Philip Selorm Kukubor

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