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Prof. Gabriel Ayum Teye

Effective management of tertiary education could attract foreign income earnings- UDS Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor of the University for Development Studies, Prof. Gabriel Ayum Teye said effective management of tertiary education could attract much foreign income earnings that can contribute largely to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

He observed that policy makers focus mainly on commodities like Oil, Gold and Cocoa for foreign exchange and urged them to consider education too.

According to him, Ghana’s continuous reliance on these commodities has not had much impact on our socio-economic lives, hence the need to re-look into education as a readily available alternative to boost our foreign income earnings.

Professor Ayum Teye, again commended Ghana Christian University College for its work-related courses as a supplement to its traditional programs and implores other Universities including the traditional Universities to adopt same to supplement their existing programs.

He noted that, when this is done, students will get themselves accustomed to the work environments. He expressed high degree of certainty that it will reduce the dependency on government for jobs.

Professor Ayum Teye was speaking as Guest of Honour at the 4th Congregation of Ghana Christian University College at Amiahra, a suburb of Accra.

The University Professor further challenged Lecturers to come out with effective programs that will put students in a better stead to be self-employed and employable.

Professor Ayum Teye, in an interview with radioxyzonline.com, said his University has plans to adopt Ghana Christian University College as its Accra Regional Campus to undertake sandwich programs. He said the initiative was borne out of the continuous demand University for Development Studies, (UDS) has been receiving.

For his part, the Vice President of Ghana Christian University College, Prof. Nelson Swedstrup Ahlijah, noted that the Ghana Christian University College, is ready to embrace the decision.

BY: Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah/radioxyzonline.com/Ghana.

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