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Electricity Company Of Ghana Relief Tariffs

The much awaited relief from the heavy electricity tariffs Ghanaian complained about, seems to have seen the light of today.

The Electricity company of Ghana (ECG) has revised utility tariffs in the country. The company has in the new tariffs introduce the subsides that were approved parliament  earlier this year(2016).

A statement from the company said”the electricity company of Ghana Limited wish to inform their cherished customers that the relief by the government of Ghana is being implemented and therefore the “reckoned” will guide customers on money paid and the corresponding units to customers.

But in an interview on Radio XYZ Break Fast Show Host Kwaku Vander-Pallen, asked  Mrs Theresah Osabutey Electricity Company of Ghana PRO Tema Region, She said the relief is not limited to the vulnerable any more that is those who consume between zero to fifty but rather, every customer who consumes electricity will enjoy that relief.

It may not end at the end of the year or after six month but said before such decisions are taken, the stakeholders at the Electricity company of Ghana and the power sector sit and analyze a lot of things that has been taken into consideration .

She further explained what the “reckoner” is and said it is  the calculation of the power one purchases, the energy consumed and the levies that one has to pay per the energy consumed and how much it will cost at the end of the month. She also said the “reckoner” has being pasted at the district offices of the ECG so a customer can know the amount of money the customer is putting in how much he should expect.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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