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Eleven arrested over Kpando Sch clashes

Police in the Volta Region have arrested 11 persons in connection with the violent attacks between students of Kpando Senior High School (KPASEC) and Kpando Technical Institute (KPANTECH).

The police earlier arrested five students and an old student of KPASEC on Wednesday before following it up with five students of KPATECH on Thursday, May 12.


Security was beefed up at KPASEC after an alleged attack by some male students of KPANTECH on Saturday, May 7.

Both schools, situated at Kpando in the Volta Region have their campuses divided by a road.

He said it was the second time students from KPANTECH have attacked KPANSEC.

A teacher at Kpando Senior High School explained to Joy News some students of Kpando Technical Institute jumped the school walls and entered “our campus wielding cutlasses, machetes and all sort of dangerous items.”

He told Joy News the clash was renewed Saturday night after some old students of KPANSEC were involved in a fight with students from KPANTECH.

“The KPANTECH boys recognized some of the boys who are old students of our school so they vented their anger on our students when they came back from town,” he explained.

Police in Kpando launched an investigation into circumstances which led to the attacks an official complaint was filed by authorities at the Kpando Technical Institute, Monday.

Preparation for court

Kpando Divisional Police Commander, Chief Supt Thomas Tindow told Joy News the suspects are currently being processed for court.

He said they the suspects were arrested for causing damage to school properties, throwing stones and defacing school walls.

Chief Supt Thomas Tindow assured parents whose wards are in the schools that police patrols have been intensified in the area.

Meanwhile, an uncle to one of the arrested suspects says a bail process is being finalized for his nephew.

Anthony Tsre said he has been given access to his nephew and “first time in a police cell is not easy so he is very demoralised.”

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