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EPA justifies siting of fuel stations near settlements

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it is a normal practice for fuel stations to be sited close to human habitation.

The Executive Director of EPA, Daniel Amlalo said this helps to address the issue of proximity especially after all the safety standards have been met by the operators.

The EPA boss’s comment comes in the wake of a brimming debate about the siting of fuel stations near residential areas following the June 3, 2015, disaster that claimed at least 152 lives.

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has come out with some new measures meant to regulate the siting of fuel stations across the country.

According to the NPA boss, Moses Asaga, construction of fuel stations must not be sited close to residential areas. He also said fuel stations must be 500 metres apart from each other.

But the EPA boss thinks otherwise. He believes, fuel stations have to “be sited close to human habitation,” adding “all these things are taken into consideration before permits are issued.”

Mr Amlalo explained, “the mitigative measures put in place and what exists elsewhere” are the factors the EPA considers in granting permits to petroleum companies to site fuel stations.

Drawing comparison across countries, the EPA boss said “all of the world, you find fuel stations under hotels, you have fuel stations in residential areas, [and] you have fuel stations very close to a settlement.”

He said considering what is being practiced the world over, Ghana does not need to be the odd one out.

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