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E/R: Over 300 residents sue over quarry blast

Over 300 residents of Asuboi in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern region have sued two quarry companies for causing damage to their homes and properties.

The companies who have been sued are the China International Water & Electric Corporation – a Chinese construction and engineering company which has finished operating at the quarry site and handed over to a new one known as Anigord Famille Quarry Company.

The affected residents have filed a suit at the Koforidua High Court praying the court to compel the companies to pay compensation for damages and also ensure that due diligence is done during the blasting process.

The houses of the locals have developed deep cracks with roof damages from flying stones as a result of the blast.

According to the residents, the activities of the quarry companies apart from the health implications have also affected their properties and created a lot of inconveniences for them.

The Administrative Manager of Anigord Famille Quarry Company, Alfred Turkson, told Starr News, the company has started evaluating the damage and has reduced the magnitude of blast over the suit.

“As you can see, a week to every blasting, there is information center in town, to announce to the community that on Thursday and Saturdays normally we do blasting, the only complaint we had was excessive blasting which we have taken care of,” Turkson said.

“During the last blasting we brought the Minerals Commission who brought their machines to test the impact. We have heard of so many complaints that anytime there is blasting most houses crack, old ladies get frightened so we have reduced the blasting, there is a matter in court and we are ready to pay compensation if the court determines that our company caused it because most of the damages were caused before we took over from CWE.”

The Ayensuano Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization S.D Kodua after visiting the site asked the company to adhere to work safety precautions as well as obey the Environmental Protection Agency’s laid down rules in their operations.

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