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Ethel Boakye: Avoid Abuse On The Elderly

Mrs. Ethel Boakye, the administrator and media coordinator of HelpAge Ghana, HelpAge is a non-governmental organization NGO that advocates for the welfare of the elderly in the society educated the public on some of the things elderly people are going through, the abuses they go through are: physical, verbal and emotional.

speking on an interview with Kweku Vander-Pallen on XYZ Breakfast Show she stated that, every 15thJune  is a date set aside to educate and create awareness for the public worldwide, she stress on the need of people to study their elderly in the homes and community, in order to take good care of them.

She further explained that, the most painful abuse this elderly people go through is the emotional abuse, when they don’t have anybody to talk to, or when they are being shut down to keep quiet, because they talk too much, and also neglect from relatives and loved ones. She said people rather should listen to them, whether they are making sense out of what they are saying or not, this kills them earlier than their set time.

She urged people to be very patient with them, avoid abusing them physically, because it affects their health. She encourage people to report persons who beat up elderly people in the society to the police, for the authorities to deal with the person, so that abuses on the elderly can be eradicated.

HelpAge Ghana  gives relieve items to the elderly people, it’s also have a day center, where the elderly can go and watch television, play indoor game and interest with their peers, this is to make them feel lively after they have left for their various homes.

The organization also tries to reconcile children who have abandoned their parents to take their responsibilities, even if it’s just talking to them.


source: radioxyzonline.com




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